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Badger Baiting

Badger baiting is the cruelest sport among the various ways of persecuting badgers. This age-old cruelty continues to this day despite being outlawed. Earlier a public spectacle, today it remains a secret sport for many. A description of the cruelty involved in baiting badgers will make any heart bleed in pity for these pitiable but marvelous creatures.

Badger baiting mainly exploits one of the inborn characteristics of this animal. Once they are instigated into an encounter, badgers have a natural tendency to endure all injuries and cruelty and remain fighting till the end. This unique quality of this poor animal provides an interesting ground for the cruel sport of badger baiting.

Initially, a badger is partially disabled by striking over its head with a spade. In other cases, the jaws of the animal may be broken or the legs may be chained. After this, the badger is left inside a makeshift arena or a baiting pit. Inside the pit, one or more dogs are set upon the badger and are continuously goaded from above to attack the injured badger.

A badger has long front claws and fearsome jaws to defend or deal with the attackers. However, it is highly protective of its head and prefers to guard its head in between its fore legs. In defending itself from the attacking dogs, the badger invariably attacks from time to time. In this process, the badger rushes upward sweeping its head, with its jaws locking onto the lower jaws of the nearby dog. However, the dogs continuously attack the badger by biting it around the head and shaking the animal in between their jaws like a soft toy.

During the fight, both the badger and the dogs suffer horrible injuries. However, the owners of the dogs do not take the dogs to the vets for the fear of getting caught for this cruel sport. Either they treat them by themselves or put them down. At the crucial point when the badger can no more endure the fight, the game comes to an end and the badger is killed by inflicting continuous blows on its head with a spade or by stabbing or shooting.

Often, the baiters make good money from baiting by way of inviting those who would bet on the session, as it is done in dogfights. Since quite a many of baiters are personally involved or connected with dog fighting, they have well trained dogs to employ in badger baiting too. Despite quite a many wondering how the cruel baiters are able to enjoy a heinous crime, the cruel sport still continues in secrecy.


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