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Badger Protection

Several legislative measures protect badgers. According to certain strict laws, badgers cannot be trapped, killed or persecuted deliberately. Licenses are needed even to handle the badgers that cause trouble. From 1835, the cruel sports of badger baiting has been outlawed. The Badgers Act of 1973 offered limited protection against badger digging. However, it was completely outlawed in 1981. In 1992, The Protection of Badgers Act was introduced thereby consolidating all the earlier laws. In view of protecting the badgers, through this law, damaging, destroying or obstructing badger setts were announced as a serious offence.

Motivated by the interest to safeguard these poor creatures, enthusiasts have formed more than 80 local groups in view of protecting and researching about badgers. The activities of these groups include protecting badgers from diggers and baiters, arranging for the rehabilitation of the badgers, adding tunnels and badger proof fencing to newly constructed roads and advising the developers with respect to the badger setts.

More particularly in the southwest region of England, some badgers are affected by bovine tuberculosis. The role of badgers in spreading cattle TB is still under debate and in some areas, infected badgers are subjected to government sponsored control campaigns. However, following a ten year research on this issue, the recent research reports released by Governments Independent Scientific Group in June 2007 rule out badger culling as an appropriate measure to control cattle TB. They have suggested some alternative measures of cattle-based control measures. Therefore, in the recent future, government sponsored badger-culling may also come to an end.

If you happen to spot someone digging for badgers, without approaching them, you can note down their car number and inform the police or the RSPCA. Since most people who dig for badgers can be equipped criminals, it is always better to safeguard yourself in the process of reporting it to the police. On safety grounds, it is not advisable to manage the issues on your own.

These days, more people are successfully prosecuted for badger baiting in addition to animal cruelty. Apart from the effective exercising of law, more people are becoming concerned of this cruelty and are raising their cry against this evil. In addition, animal lovers and the Police Wildlife Officers are exercising appropriate measures to ensure that the criminals who target these poor creatures just do not get away evading the scene. Looking from several angles, there are positive signs all around assuring better protective measures to save these poor but marvelous creatures.


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