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Badger Rescue

Occasionally, you may find a badger at risk. Rescuing badgers at trouble is indeed a humane activity. However, it should be borne in mind that badgers can sometimes be dangerous too. Therefore, these animals need to be handled by trained personnel. If you come across a badger requiring assistance, you may contact the wild life rescue centre at your locality. Several circumstances may indicate to you that a badger is at risk. Understanding some of those situations may be helpful to you in deciding whether a badger needs assistance.

Generally, badger cubs live inside their family groups in the sett and do not come out of the sett under normal conditions. If you happen to find a tiny badger outside its sett, it can mean that the badger has some problem. Sometimes, they also make a sound called whickering, meaning a loud and distressful call. Under such situations, you must stay away at a distance and ensure whether the animal is really orphaned.

Badgers are nocturnal animals and remain sleeping all day. They come out only at nights for food. Finding adult badgers during daytime can mean that they need assistance. If a badger is hit by a car, it would require an immediate medical assistance. Under such circumstances, you can cover the badger with a blanket and inform the wild life rescue center at your locality. Badgers are normally suspicious of human beings and run away at your sight. If a badger is approachable, it can mean that it is in trouble. However, you might call the experts to handle them.

Sometimes, badgers are found moving with great difficulty. Even if their legs are fractured, they can still move about. Also, if you find a badger dragging both its hind legs, it can mean a fractured spine. Also, the badgers may be found with open injuries too. You may sometimes find a badger caught in a fence or snare. On such occasions, it is not appropriate to just release them right away. Under a condition called pressure necrosis, the animal might appear normal outside, but the skin of the affected part might die and open up eventually exposing the wounds. Therefore, they need to be treated before releasing. In all these cases, you might call for medical assistance and leave the animals to be handled by experts.

On the whole, in rescuing badgers, it is important that you properly ascertain whether the animal really needs assistance, besides guarding yourself against getting hurt by them.


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