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With the increased need to voice concern for the safety of badgers, there is a need of a parenting body that can handle all types of issues for such a big task. The Badger Trust performs all these duties in a very meticulous manner. Right from the conservation and welfare of badgers and the protection of their setts and habitats, there are many other areas where the Badger Trust has to work in. There can be many small groups that support the cause of badgers, and the Badger Trust serves as the governing body of all these groups. It provides support, information, guidance, and expert advice on all the issues related to badgers and their protection.

One more functional area of the Badger Trust is to co-ordinate with MPs, the police and other conservation and welfare organisations so that the process can be streamlined and made effective in its core.

Badgers are facing major threat of culling by the government itself, as it hopes that this will eliminate bovine tuberculosis (bTB) in cattle. This is where the Badger Trust is focusing its work presently—in a very recent research done by scientists, it has been declared that badger culling will serve no purpose for eliminating bovine tuberculosis. So, the Badger Trust would be highlighting this new research so that mass culling of badgers can be stopped.

There are some other areas regarding conservation of badgers that the Badger Trust takes care of: these may include snares and other forms of persecution which maim and kill badgers; types of industrial and domestic developments that destroy setts of the badgers; and also doing something regarding the road traffic where many thousands of badgers are killed every year.
Overall, the Badger Trust is committed to provide a safe living to the badgers, and at the same time providing timely help and guidance to the individuals and groups that are working for welfare of the badgers.

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