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How you can help badgers

Several threats risking their lives, badgers need friends to support them. There are several local Badger Groups in Britain that are volunteering to safeguard the interests of badgers, coordinated by the National Federation of Badger Groups, also called the Badger Trust. In addition, there are also several badger protection organizations and animal welfare and conservation organizations in few other countries. Even without becoming a member in a Badger Group or other organizations, there are also so many things that you can do as an individual.

To start with, you can browse through some of the wonderful websites or get some books to learn about these wonderful creatures, their life pattern, habits and habitats, and the problems that they face. To enhance a practical understanding of badgers, you can visit their setts, observe their tracks and signs, and watch them.

Thousands of badgers are killed or injured every year in road accidents. If you are a motorist, a careful drive may often help preventing a badger from getting crushed. You can also educate others regarding the accidents caused to badgers in view of avoiding road casualties to these poor creatures.

If you happen to spot a badger sett, you may report it to the local Badger Group or the concerned biological records center. You may also report the observations of live or dead badger or any other badger activity away from the known setts that you might spot during your travel.

In case of tracing any evidences of badger persecuting that has already taken place, you may report the same to the local Badger Group or police Wildlife Crime Officer. If you are to witness a badger persecution under progress, you may stay at a safe distance and quickly inform the police.

Occasionally, you may come across certain developmental plans that might prove harmful to the badgers. You may let the local Badger Group or the Wildlife Trust know about it for an appropriate action. You may also inform the local Badger Group if someone in your region report of some problems from badgers, which can effectively be removed through expert measures.

If you come across an injured, trapped or sick badger, immediately report the issue to the local Badger Group or the concerned animal rescue or welfare organization to secure expert help. In addition, you may wait by the side of an injured badger and safeguard it from other dangers till the rescue team arrives.

Creating a popular awareness of safeguarding the interest of badgers among your friends and acquaintances is a potential way of winning more friends to the badgers. You may as well obtain some leaflets about the badgers and distribute them among your friends.

At the verge of large-scale badger culling programs on progress, you can join the campaign against this cull and support the alternative solutions to combat cattle TB. By becoming an active member of local Badger Groups, you can in fact do much to protect these poor creatures.



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