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Secret World Wildlife RescueSecret World Wild Life Rescue,in Highbridge, Somerset is one of the volunteer organisations dedicated to preserving badgers through a range of activities. The organisation rescues injured or diseased badgers, rehabilitates them with expert care, and releases them back in to their natural habitats. If you are a volunteer who would like to support these poor animals, then you too can participate in the wonderful mission of Secret World by adopting a badger.

Secret World is rehabilitating at least 50 badger cubs. Rescued either locally or from other parts of the country, these badgers are treated, made to familiarize themselves with a group and released as a group once they are fit to enter their habitats. In view of strong TB concerns associated with the badgers, the Secret World involves all the rescued badgers to TB testing program approved by RSPCA, DEFRA, and NFBG before releasing them. This extensive process involves 3 independent blood tests confirming whether the badger has TB or not. Following the test, the badgers are identi-chipped and tattooed to keep a track of the post release success.

In the extensive process of rehabilitation, Secret World also requires help in some other ways. The final stage of rehabilitation program requires suitable lands to release the badgers. The lands need to be dig-able and unoccupied, ideally with a vacant badger sett with enough foraging. If the land is suitable, the area is risk free for the badgers and the owners are badger-tolerant, then they can certainly approach the Secret World to help in the final stage of rehabilitation of badgers. On the whole, a volunteer can participate in the rehabilitation program by offering a land or adopting a badger.

Adopting a badger is very simple and does not cost much. You can purchase a badger adoption by visiting the official website of Secret World and downloading the form. The adoption costs only £3 a month. The form can be forwarded by free post to the Secret World. In return, you will receive a limited edition Secret World Cuddly Badger of 30cm height, a Secret World car sticker, Certificate, Newsletter, and a Secret World trolley key ring. This small but significant gesture can help saving a marvelous creature.

Contact details for providing a release site or making a donation:

Pauline Kidner:

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