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WSPA - World Society of the Protection of Animals LogoThe WSPA (the World Society for the Protection of Animals) has been helping animals since 1981. Its aim is to promote the concept of animal welfare in regions of the world where there are few - if any - measures to protect animals.

Their work is focused on four priority animal welfare areas:

  • Companion animals – promoting responsible pet ownership; the prevention of cruelty; and, humane stray management
  • Commercial exploitation of wildlife – the killing of wild animals for food or products; intensive farming and cruel management
  • Farm animals – the slaughter of domestic animals for food; intensive farming, long distance transportation
  • Disaster relief for animals - providing care to distressed animals whereby they have been man-made or natural disasters. The WSPA rescue teams provide direct help to animals that have been abandoned, neglected or caught up in natural or man-made disasters globally.

The WSPA have campaigned - and successfully have implemented - governments and key decision makers to change practices and introduce new laws to protect and improve the welfare - and thereby the lives - of animals.

They have helped indigenous people set up new animal welfare groups, thereby allowing local communities to have key involvement in the improvement of animals’ lives.

The WSPA‘s education programmes – which recognises that human ignorance is a major factor in the continuation of animal cruelty – help bring a positive change in people’s attitudes towards animals.

Donations from the public help the WSPA carry out their invaluable work.

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Support WSPA and help us stamp out cruel practices like Bear Farming.



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