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WWF - World Wildlife Fund

WWF World Wildlife Fund LogoThe WWF (World Wildlife Fund) operates in more than 90 countries and is the world's largest and most experienced independent conservation organisation.

Founded on 11 September 1961 amid serious concern that habitat destruction and hunting would soon bring about the extinction of much of Africa's wildlife, the WWF has a distinguished group of founders, including biologist Sir Julian Huxley and naturalist and painter Sir Peter Scott.

Their HQ were established in Switzerland, with other WWF offices established worldwide, starting with the UK.

During their forty-five years of existence, the focus of WWF's work had broadened – now not only does it encompass the conservation of wildlife and habitats, but also the wider implications of man's activities on the environment.

In 1980, their World Conservation Strategy warned that unless nature and the world's natural resources were conserved, humanity had no future. WWF developed the concept of sustainable development (which means living within the limits of the natural environment without compromising the needs of future generations) and this is now integral part of the organisations thinking.

The WWF funds and manages countless conservation projects worldwide and they implement positive changes within government legislation and policy-makers. They conduct research, work with business and industries addressing global threats and they influence education systems.

The WWF relies on donations - with 90 per cent of their income deriving from voluntary sources - and it has around five million supporters worldwide.

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